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HawberriesThe Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners (URHP) is a leading international register of professional herbal practitioners.

URHP members utilise the modern, scientific understanding of herbs, as well as drawing on the vast knowledge of traditional herbal usage, used worldwide for thousands of years.

This means that, in undertaking treatment with a URHP Herbal Practitioner, you are getting the best of both worlds, ancient and modern, and thus the best possible treatment. It is this appreciation of old and new that makes the URHP unique as a register. [ Learn more ]

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Our Oath

I swear by all that I hold dear and by all those influences that have lead me to the practice of herbal medicine that I will fulfil according to my ability and judgement this oath and this covenant:

To apply herbal treatments and natural methods for the benefit of the sick according to my abilities and judgement and to recognise my limits and consequently to refer patients appropriately.Read more ]

URHP Conference June 2017

It was a warm and pleasant Friday afternoon when we arrived at the beautifully appointed Purley Chase for another weekend of delights, surprises and rich, valuable learning as well as highly valuable connections with our herbal colleagues.

URHP Conference 2017After initial greetings alongside sampling scrumptious treats with our welcoming drinks, we all settled ourselves in to this charming place of peace and calm, readying ourselves for a stepping off from the usual hectic pace of life to a rather more gentle and reflective space. This is the gift of coming away for a weekend conference together in such tranquil surroundings. Stopping to take stock of all we have achieved and all we want to focus our energies on in our herbal world is essential if we are to move forward effectively and this is what we achieved.

Our first exploration into deepening our knowledge began after an early dinner. It was led by our very own Judy Evans, who is a naturopathic Herbalist, talking to us about natural ways of treating the menopause. Judy used her own experience of previously very difficult monthly cycles to demonstrate how effective natural approaches can be. In the past, she had gathered huge amounts of research in order to help herself and came upon the work of John Lee MD and his insights and treatments using natural progesterone backed by many years of clinical research. We all took in this information (as easily as this remarkable cream is absorbed into our skin!) with great interest and, for me, it certainly highlighted an area that I would want to develop in my practise. [ Read more ]

URHP Herbal Gathering - 6th to 8th July 2018

'Sharing our wisdom and knowledge'
A conference for qualifed herbalists and herbal students
at The Purley Chase Centre, Atherstone, CV9 2RQ

This years URHP Conference is a dynamic weekend of workshops, talks, walks, market and discussion groups. As a knowledge exchange, this is an opportunity to learn from the wealth of experience of other herbalists as well as letting others gain from your own ideas and understanding. Together with a set programme, there will be open space for spontaneous discussion and skill sharing. Come for 1 or 2 days or the whole weekend!

Stands and talks from:
  • Avicenna (Joe Nasr)
  • Herbal Apothecary (Hugo Fearnley)
  • Riohealth (Rose Holmes)
Teaching Sessions with:
  • URHP experts
  • Plant Spirit Medicine

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Becoming a Member

Our herbal practitioners have trained extensively in order to meet the high standards the URHP requires for membership. We accept qualifications that are approved by the European Herbal Practitioners Association and are in line with the Regulatory Working Group on Herbal Medicine as a minimum standard.

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