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International Ayurvedic Congress - 1st to 2nd April 2017

Ayurveda The Pursuit of Health, Happiness and Long Life Through Prevention Oriented Health Care

All India Ayurvedic Congress, New Delhi; International Academy of Ayurved, Pune and International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation, The Netherlands extends a warm invitation to all health professionals, Ayurvedic scholars, and researchers from India and around the world to participate at this Second International Ayurveda Congress to be held in London.

Internationally renowned scholars will be keynote speakers at the congress and will present scientifically verified solutions to showcase the effectiveness of Ayurveda towards fulfilling the human pursuit of health, happiness and long life.

The International Ayurveda Congress offers a prestigious platform for research scholars to present their findings in various fields of Ayurveda. The latest innovative and pioneering work will be presented in this congress.

Venue: Hotel Novatel London West, London

For more information, visit their website: internationalayurvedacongress.com

Matthew Woods Seminar, June 2012: CD Available

Matthew Woods DVD CoverThis set of two DVDs includes over 4½ hours of viewing packed with great insights from the well-known American herbalist, Matthew Wood. In this lecture given in June 2012, he explains his unique approach to herbalism incorporating aspects from the classics right through to modern theories of western herbal medicine. This combined with his many years of practice and acute observation result in an inspiring talk with a wealth of information that can be readily used in our practices. He explains the six tissue state and Greek energetic medicine and ends with a look at the great herbs for female conditions from the Native American tradition.

This DVD was recorded at the joint conference of the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners and the Association of Master Herbalists.

Price: £15 including P&P. Order now.