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Thriving as Herbalists - Building our strength as a profession - 19th November 2016

How can we better promote what we do to the public?
How can we support each other as herbalists?

These are some of the vital questions that will be addressed at this EHTPA conference which aims to generate a range of practical ideas and initiatives to advance the scope and profile of herbal practice. These proposals can subsequently be utilised by individual herbal practitioners, Professional Associations and/or the EHTPA.
Speakers Simon Mills and Anita Ralph will provide food for thought to engender active discussion throughout the break-out sessions that form the backbone of this conference. In addition, Lucy Jones will give a presentation on marketing your herbal practice.

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Herbal Suppliers Training Day: 24th March 2014

The day is free of charge and open to all interested parties -existing approved suppliers, potential new suppliers, practitioners and anyone involved in quality assurance in the herbal sector.

The Approved Suppliers Scheme was initiated by the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) in 2004 with the aim of ensuring a safe supply of Chinese herbal products to its 450 members, and hence to the public. Under the sponsorship of the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association, a herbal suppliers training day is being held to explore what an Approved Suppliers Scheme involves and what the standards are, challenges for suppliers and how to resolve these and regulation of the supply industry.

Date: 24th March 2014
Venue: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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Seminar: Illustration and Identification in the History of Herbal Medicine: 18th June 2014

The aim of this day is to bring together researchers to explore issues related to plant illustration and identification in the history of herbal medicine. Correct identification of plants in the past has been of great importance, whether for foods, medicines or other purposes. But to what extent did people in medieval and early modern times learn about plants with medicinal uses from illustrations in herbals or elsewhere? Matters of interest include ways in which illustrations were produced, the role of illustrations, dissemination of information about plant identification, significant observers of plants and their approaches to plant description. This day seminar has been organised with a particular focus on presenting research into finding and interpreting archival and other sources relating to the history of herbal medicine. Advance registration is required.

Date: Wednesday 18th June 2014
Time: 10.30am - 4.30pm

Venue: Jodrell Lecture Theatre, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3DS, UK

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Seminar: Understanding Practice Management - May 14th 2011

Introducing a seminar designed to unlock the mysteries of why so many practices do not succeed.  Practice Management Consultants will give you tools to instantly refine your practice and help you meet your goals.

Topics include:
Practice Management - What is it and how it relates to your business
Role of the practice owner
Purpose of a business plan
How goals relate to growth
Special considerations for new therapists
Letting potential clients know about you and your practice
Is advertising effective
Identify components of a successful practice
Identify pitfalls of practices
Value of a natural pharmacy
How patient compliance can make or break your practice

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Conference: Medics or Magicians: Herbal Medicine for the 21st Century - 9th - 10th July 2011

Riseholme Campus,
The University of Lincoln
9 -10 July 2011

Medicine is not merely a science but an art. The character of the physician may act more powerfully upon the patient than the drugs employed. Paracelsus

This two day conference will explore the complexities of herbal medicine therapeutics. To what extent is the remedy, the patient or the practitioner active in the therapeutic process and what is the nature these interactions? This question is highly pertinent to our effectiveness as practitioners and our understanding of the philosophies and doctrines which underpin our practice.

Herbal medicine has always been revisionist and iconoclastic in its service to the needs of the people. In contemporary society people are ill in complex ways and holistic treatment of the modern condition requires a sophisticated and complex understanding of the dynamics and interactions within the body and that the mind and body cannot be separated. Psycho-physiological processes are recognised as the key to both the cause and resolution of disease and this conference will investigate some of these through a series of lectures and workshops.


Andrew Stableford
Graeham Toybyn
Prof. Irvin Kirsch to be confirmed
Saul Burkitt

to include:
Goetheatan Plant Study - Alison Morton, Donald Purves
Herb walks - Christopher Hedley
Complexity theory - Anita Ralph
Mental health - Melissa Ronaldson
Astrology - Graeme Tobyn

Poster presentations

Previous graduates and recent graduate independent studies


Manufacturers and suppliers of herbal medicines
Medical equipment suppliers
Professional bodies

Conference Dance

Saturday 9th July 8-12pm

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